Nandina domestica, a great plant

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Nandina domestica, a great plant Empty Nandina domestica, a great plant

Post by Gala Placidia on Mon Apr 18, 2016 7:33 am

If you are looking for a hardy, colourful, attractive, adaptable, useful (I am running out of adjectives, but many more could apply) plant, you need Nandina in your garden or patio. I followed my friendly nursery's advice and purchased one 8 years ago. In view of the results, I now have 4 more. I have not lost a single plant and it grows practically everywhere, sun or shade.
It is toxic to humans and animals such as dogs, cats, deer, goats, although, as it is the case with oleander, animals seem to know it and keep away. It is not toxic to birds, who help spreading the seeds, and for this reason it has become invasive in some parts of the world.
Here is some information
It is available in all nurseries throughout Italy and plants, depending on size, can be as cheap as 5 €
You will not be disappointed
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