snake encounter of the black kind

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snake encounter of the black kind Empty snake encounter of the black kind

Post by alexcal on Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:49 pm

I've visited Santa Margherita di Belice in Sicily irregularly for 20 years and never seen a snake until my most recent, my wife has in the past asked whilst driving if I saw the snake in the road but I never noticed then or after looking in rear view mirror; it was disappointing to me on every occasion.

last week whilst driving a hire car down a hill by myself, a snake scurried across the road close in front of me where I immediately braked just stopping close to it. My intension was to stop short, let the snake cross the road and continue on my way relishing the experience. However, the snake had other ideas. instead of continuing on it's way it decided to stop (maybe because of my close proximity), raise it head while simultaneously making its top part of neck very wide, the head was briefly showing above the bonnet; it then immediately got back down and continued on its way, the whole incident was over in a flash but I found quite interesting because I was not expecting what the snake did. The snake also looked a lot smaller on the ground whilst moving in coiled fashion along the ground. I felt privileged to have met it, a feeling similar to when birds eat from our nut and seed holders in garden.

I later looked on the internet about the black snake variety which I saw and found that it was not a poisonous variety but in fact quite harmless.

I thought I'd contribute something here for and change and share my experience with you.


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snake encounter of the black kind Empty Re: snake encounter of the black kind

Post by Geotherm on Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:50 pm

Thanks Alexcal.

It sounds very much like some of the grass type snakes that we get here in Marche. Have seen them numerous times in the drive, at about a metre long!!
We also have vipers, which are a pain, as they kill the frogs in the pond. Saying that though, the English Setter has dispatched about 3 so far since we got him!!


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