Heating News - autumn 2017

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Heating News - autumn 2017 Empty Heating News - autumn 2017

Post by Sagraiasolar on Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:57 am

‘Heating News – autumn 2017’ is out on www.originaltwist.com

Off grid for under £2,000 – a case study
Air source heat pump for £1,000
On line water heater – perfect for guest houses
Surplus PV?  Divert to immersion heater
Free air conditioning

£20 liquid pool cover tested – warmer water and minimal evaporation

Looking back I remember the forum discussion on the €10,000 solar flower. I have just assisted in a £1,740 off-grid system that uses second hand panels. It was very easy to install.  As for the pool cover. After the water shortages of last summer this idea has taken off in my area. Happy reading.

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