Day out in Bagni di Lucca

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Day out in Bagni di Lucca - Page 2 Empty Day out in Bagni di Lucca

Post by JulianaAlice on Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:05 pm

First topic message reminder :

Hi here I am again! It is Wednesday evening and we are flying into Pisa on Saturday morning.  We have decided this time, no hire car. Spend the 300 euros on condo services etc instead! Tapping out on my iphone so will keep this brief.

Will come to Bagni for the day by train from Aulla. Have done this before en route to Lucca. (Mucky train,  so much graffiti on windows).

Help.  Need itinerary for day. Seen your lovely bridge on previous visit - ran over and back couple of times, took pics.

This visit, where should we go? (Remember public transport).

Also need recommendation for lunch - preferably menu of the day, around 12 euros please.

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Day out in Bagni di Lucca - Page 2 Empty Re: Day out in Bagni di Lucca

Post by molinello on Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:26 pm

I find it amazing that so many restaurants do not have printed menus. In fact they are the best ones, and we have had quite a few interesting but enjoyable meals by trying to decipher what the waiter/waitress was telling us.


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