All change from Jan 1

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All change from Jan 1

Post by modicasa on Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:10 am

From Jan 1 2014 the taxes payable at the moment of purchase change.  Although there is some final tweaking to do, the gist of it is this:
1. First house - currently 3% of catastal value, plus 2 bolli of 168 euros each.   From Jan 1 this will be 2% and two bolli of 50 euros each.  i.e. - cheaper.
2. Second house - currently 7+2+1% of catastal value - from Jan 1 this becomes 9% plus two bolli of 50 euros each. 

The standard bollo of 168 euro rises to 200, but some (see above) are reduced to to 50. 

Buying building land becomes more expensive, agricultural land should be cheaper.  I suspect most people will make a little saving unless you are buying a stately home.  Bear in mind that villas (A8) and luxury homes cannot have first house incentives at the moment of purchase.

More to follow when we know ...


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