Italian driving licence renewal

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Italian driving licence renewal

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:26 pm

I thought my driving licence ran out on the date of my birthday but it turns out it ran out yesterday (!)

After ringing the Italian Automobile Club (ACI) I found out the procedure has changed and you no longer go to your GP and get him to give you a medical certificate to renew the licence but you have to go to a "centro abilitato" as it is all done online and super-fast. So, this afternoon the doctor at ACI will check my eyesight, ACI will send all the info electronically and next Wednesday my new licence will be ready. In the meantime ACI will give me a temporary doc I can drive on for 5 days.

All pretty straight forward once you know how. Cost? €80 for fees and ACI and €50 for the doc.

PS - if you are one of the ones who got the pink sticker on their UK licence, remember that your Italian licence number (the one on the sticker) will have an expry date in line with the Italian expiry dates and not when your UK photocard expires so check it out.

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Re: Italian driving licence renewal

Post by stevegwmonkseaton on Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:35 pm

Thanks Admin, more valuable information for the forum. Perhaps a "Driving" section is needed, there seems to be a lot of "General" stuff nd it's growing. I know, I know... no one worse than me for putting stuff in the wrong draw...
Sure this link will be on here somewhere, but it may be of some help... ACI information LINK in English I'm sure I also came across the stuff on licence periods on there a while back.


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