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Post by stevegwmonkseaton on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:55 pm

... not too much coming out of the veg plots at the moment, so starting to look towards next year and getting an area ready for planting of garlic, onions and fennel. Perhaps also some broccoli, cabbage and cauli for early next year, depending on how much land we can free up. Also started on tree pruning as we know it takes a long time. Not really the right time of year as there are still loads of leaves on the trees, but we simply leave them to dry out and drop off. Had a good down pour of rain here in Abruzzo a few days ago, but back to sunshine now! Noticed this a while back now, but having done it a few times, thought I would mention it. Found that 2-3 days after heavy rain is a great time to weed, probably obvious to all you long standing gardeners, but quite often we would simply keep off the land as it was too wet. Did the boarders around the veg plot yesterday to test out how wet it was, weeds (including long deep root type) just came of so easy... Used the rotavator  after weeding and on part un-weeded, it worked great on both. Left the rest another day or so to dry a bit more.


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