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Death knell. Empty Death knell.

Post by Flip on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:49 am

So after the biggest event and probably the most important one that will shape Italy's future, the General Elections, not one comment on this Forum about the likely impact on residents lives and the future changes that are likely to occur. With the Lega in strong contention to lead the Country, I would have thought that for all us Non Italians, the future could take a dramatic change and at the very least if M5S assume the mantle, which would be my preferred option, Italy's future in the EU could remain a problem. Chuck the farce that is Brexit into the mix and what we get is a Forum devoid of life, opinion and will to go on.
So on that note I wish you all the best and hope that the cut and thrust of Calorific values and Lidl's Special offers, can keep you together and amused. 
Arrivederci Tutti.

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Death knell. Empty Re: Death knell.

Post by Geotherm on Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:16 pm

None of us know what the outcome from this will be, so it has been useless to comment before there are any positive or negatives. Who knows when the brainboxes in Italy will sort themselves out. They have had probably the most prime ministers in the whole of Europe within a few years.Soon they will dictate as to what pasta you are allowed to eat and on what day.
There is already the coffee drinking protocol.
As for calorific values and Lidl, if there is no meaningful input on other subjects much of the time, then what does anyone reply to for an answer or conversation. Sorry those 2 things offend you, but that is life and heating and other foods other than Italian are many times better sometimes.
Expect everyone uses Fa**book now!!


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Death knell. Empty Re: Death knell.

Post by ghiro on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:29 pm

Well I'm going to break 7 days of silence on this forum.  I'm very sorry to see that Flip feels it necessary to leave since, over time, he's been a very positive presence here.

Over the years I've been on a number of fora/forums (IMF, IMC, IU etc) which have been largely personality driven and, frankly, sometimes quite violent and uncomfortable The thing I really like about this forum is that people usually only post when they have a valid question or a considered answer.

How can anyone on this forum have an informed view about the eventual outcome of the recent Italian election when the key players in Rome are currently striving to reach some form of political accommodation?

It really isn't necessary for people to comment on every post.  Sometimes silence is golden.  I totally support this forum, and the objectives (advice and support for those who live, or wish to live, in Italy) it stands for.  Long may it continue and flourish.

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Death knell. Empty Re: Death knell.

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