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Post by stevegwmonkseaton on Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:11 am

We grow a boat load of these every year and eat most. Decided a few years back to grow more than we need peak season to get more at the start and end of the season, this works, but does entail putting quite a number on the compost in the height of the season. A number of people we know have almost stopped getting enough toms to keep them supplied, one couple over a month back as they lost so many due to some blight. What we have found is that cherry toms do not suffer as much from blight and seem to keep longer than san marzano or pera ( or Cuore di Bue I think) Of the three types we have thrown out very few cherry toms and they are probably as prolific as the other two. We tend to eat as many cherry as Pera and a little less San Marzano, it just does seem the cherry do keep better. They also do tend not to get any blight whatsoever, well except fruit fly if left too long. We did notice they did not taste as good as the other two early on in the year, but within a month were just as good and much sweeter. They also can be grown up any kind of support and don't need the heavy cane wigwam type structure. Grown as bush they do tend to go manic, so we found a little square frame around them best for picking. We are still all three types, but the cherry are wel in front on the numbers, well worth a try!


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