Restrictions on olive land property?

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Restrictions on olive land property?

Post by mlinsin on Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:30 pm


we have a chance to buy an piece of land (zoned as agricultural land) with about 70 olive trees that borders our house that is currently under renovation.
I wonder whether anyone knows what kind of restrictions exist, what you can and can't do with and on the property.

We were told that for example taking down olive trees (for whatever reason) is not that simple, they have to be replaced and you need authorization. Not sure that is the case but I wouldn't be surprised.

What is more important are questions like these:

- could we build a small shed on the property for garden equipment?
- could we build a small patio on the property (it has a nice elevation with some very nice views)?
- could we install some solar collectors on the land?
- could we use the land to bury some of our geothermal loops that we are thinking about?


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Re: Restrictions on olive land property?

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:07 am

A lot will depend on the planning rules in your area but as a general guide you cannot cut down any tree over a certain size without permission from the Forestale (and a good reason) and you may need to replace it. In my area (big olive growing region) you cannot cut down any olive tree without said permission and you definitely need to replace it.

- You can have a shed with a wooden base (ie no concrete so it is 'temporary') but some Comune will only permit this for a set period of time e.g. 5 years.
- In our area you can build a deck without permission but not a concrete patio. That would require permission.
- That's a good question about solar oanes on the ground and I honestly don't know. Maybe Sagra or one of the heating guys will know.
- The olive trees should not cause a restiction upon using it for geothermal loops. Again Sagra or one of the heating guys will know more.

Remember the purchase tax on land is higher (12% with a €1,000 minimum) and if you're not a farmer you pay IMU on it too.

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