Using public transport in the UK...

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Using public transport in the UK...

Post by stevegwmonkseaton on Wed May 14, 2014 11:56 am

... ok not specific to Italy, but many of us travel back there now and then and this may well (will) end up in other countries, perhaps Italy will be a step too far, but you never know. I spotted this BBC news item today and had a look to see how it was working. Well Google (who used to be one of my favourite companies) have done an excellent job in uploading all of the GB public transport data; buses, trains ferries etc and built it in to Google maps. To use it you just use the get directions bit and click on the "public transport" icon (picture of a bus I think). Fill in from where to want to go and your destination and it will give you all the current details or you can set a time... simple and superb bit of work by Google!

One very interesting aside factor that struck me was the fact this is being rolled out to "Apps" first and "desktops" later. Two terms I've been hearing more and more lately which seem to describe the divide between PC's/laptops/netbooks and tablets/phones. What I've been seeing over the last year or so is that the "desktop" is second rate and to become history... Just a thought if you are currently contemplating changing your device. Only thing that puts me off is the lack of storage on these things, but I'm sure a couple of network drives could sort that one out....


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